Will you be beach-bound soon? We look forward to having fun in the sun, the feel of our toes in the sand, and enjoying the coolness of the water. For many people, a beach trip is a dream destination during their summer. Podiatrists understand the beach can be a place of surprising dangers without proper planning. Stay steps ahead of problems with tips from the PediFix team. We are here to help you enjoy the waves without foot fears.

Promptly address foot wounds 

With the countless grains of sand on the beach, it can be difficult to imagine what lies underneath. While shells are beautiful and fun to collect, encountering sharp ones can quickly become a concern. If you notice a cut on your skin, address it quickly. Clean the wound and keep it covered to protect and prevent future harm. For patients with diabetes, wounds can be especially dangerous given poor circulation. Visit your podiatrist when you return home.

Protect your feet from the heat

If you have ever walked on hot sand, you won’t forget the discomfort. This summer, protect your soles. Never walk barefoot on paved surfaces, sidewalks, or hot sand. The heat from the surface can burn your feet. Patients with neuropathy, or nerve damage, may not know the temperature is too hot. Neuropathy is common in patients who have diabetes.

Avoid sunburn on your feet 

We often have to remind patients that their feet and ankles can get sunburn, too. Are you thinking about the skin on your feet while applying sunscreen? We encourage you to think of application from head to toe, including the tops and bottoms of your feet. The sun’s rays won’t skip over your feet and ankles, so please keep this in mind to prevent skin cancer.


Watch for injuries

If you’re wearing those not-so-supportive flip-flops, watch for ankle sprains, arch pain, and heel pain. If you’re playing sports in the sand, beware of how the uneven surface increases the risk for injury. While playing, an injury should put you on the sidelines to rest. Use the R-I-C-E method (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) to care for an injury like an ankle sprain until you receive professional medical care.


We hope fun in the sun is part of your summer plans. Take these helpful tips along for your next trip.

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