We have to moisturize our skin. We often forget that the skin on our feet needs care and attention, too. If neglected, there may be visible signs, including cracks and calluses or the appearance of roughness. Your feet may not feel too great either. Naturally, the skin on our feet is drier.

Before you begin shopping, the PediFix team wants to help you understand why and how to look for a top-notch option. Effective foot cream is your friend — if you choose the right one. Here are three benefits:


Rough skin? You are not alone. We put our feet through so much each day. As the seasons change, we face dryness. If you are battling dry skin on your face, for example, can you imagine how your feet are doing? Daily moisturization is a healthy step to take from head to toe.

Shopping tip: An excellent option includes exfoliating ingredients. Search for products with salicylic acid, for example.


The skin on your feet needs hydration. You will need a humectant, which draws water into the skin. Once you find the hydration, remember this step: seal in the moisture with a product that contains an occlusive ingredient.

Shopping tip: Scan the list of ingredients and look for a humectant like glycerin or urea. Search for an occlusive like shea butter.


So much restoration occurs while we sleep. While we rest, our bodies can, too. Applying foot cream after a shower and before bed allows plenty of undisturbed time for the product to be absorbed. Allow your body time to recover and take in all the healing properties during a good night’s rest.

Shopping tip: Add plastic wrap or a baggie to your list. Covering your feet with either option and applying socks helps seal in moisture.

Your PediFix shopping list:

Our Podiatrists’ Choice® Callus Control Cream™ hydrates and exfoliates. The urea in our formula penetrates the thickened skin and begins the smoothing process.


Our Deep-Healing Foot Cream™ is beneficial for diabetic patients with dry, cracked skin. Our effective formula of vitamins A, D, and E, helps moisturize and soften skin. Most importantly, it helps to heal cracks.


Add our Cracks & Calluses Foot Repair Cream™, too. Our exclusive formula includes salicylic and lactic acids in an aloe base. This combination helps to speed your skin renewal process. You’ll have visible results after one application. 


If you have questions about how any of our products can support you, please call 1-800-PEDIFIX (733-4349) to learn more. Our product specialists are ready to support your needs.