The summer can be a time to fix things up in your favorite spaces. Whether it is the garage or garden, you can expect to pull out your tools and try something new. What happens when things go wrong? We’re talking about more than choosing the wrong color or losing a screw. What happens when the hammer drops on your toe? Our feet can be in the direct line when it’s time for an injury. While you are inspired to keep the DIY efforts going, the PediFix team encourages you to seek professional help.

Here are three reasons to ditch the DIY plans for foot care:

1-You may be treating the wrong injury.

Are you sure you just sprained your ankle? A fracture could be the actual diagnosis. For foot and ankle conditions, a podiatrist is an expert. They can tell you what is wrong the first time because they use the right tools to get a close-up view of your feet and ankles. The incorrect treatment could prolong uncomfortable symptoms and cause future problems.

2-There is the risk of infection.

If your injury includes an open wound, there is a risk of infection. If you have diabetes, there are even more concerns for slow-healing or non-healing wounds. Watch out for cuts and scrapes. Contact your medical professional if they occur. The first goal is to clean the wound. Then, keep it covered. An infection is dangerous because it can spread.


3-You may be doing nothing – or the wrong thing

While you may have the best intentions, trying to fix your foot injuries at home can be dangerous. Many believe they can ignore injuries if they can’t see a visible issue. An ankle sprain may not seem problematic, but untreated sprains can lead to weak ankle bones or even arthritis. On the other hand, you can be doing the wrong thing. Want to pop the blisters that developed from your work shoes? Stop. Keep the blister area clean and covered, protecting it from further irritation and infection.

We all feel joy about a completed remodel or even just a clean-up. We want you to be safe, too. If you have a foot or ankle injury, please call your podiatrist.

If you have questions about how our products can support your best foot health, please call 1-800- PEDIFIX (733-4349) to learn more. Our product specialists are ready to answer your needs.