November 17th is recognized as National Take A Hike Day. But what does that mean? And why do we celebrate it?


Take a Hike Day was established by the American Hiking Society with the hope of encouraging individuals, groups of families, and friends to get out into the wild and really get a taste of what it means to be away from it all. Hiking is something that consistently helps to rebuild the human connection with nature, and also aids in maintaining healthy hearts and bodies.

How To Celebrate

The great thing is that the best suggestion for celebrating this day is contained right there in the name! Other ways to celebrate and honor this day:

Hit The Trails

Grab a walking stick or find one on the way.

Don’t Be In A Hurry

Take your time. Hikes were made to reconnect with nature, and noticing it is the first step.


Whether you want to get involved in cleaning up trash by a local waterway or help a local park with maintenance.


If you are unable to get out in nature for Take A Hike Day, you can still protect the places you love by donating to a place that means something to you! This is a great way to advocate for hiking access and even improve trails!

Take A Hike Day is the ideal opportunity to reconnect with the fundamentally important things in life: the fresh air, blue sky, and deep rich earth underfoot.

Hiking Safety

Bring A Friend. It’s always nice to catch up with a friend and it doesn’t get much better than being together in nature. For a solo hike, make sure someone knows exactly where you’re headed and check in with them upon arrival.

Be Prepared. Make sure to bring enough food and water and if you need any animal deterrents such as pepper spray. Also, it is always important to check the weather forecast and take them into consideration. This is especially important when it comes to altitude, lightning, rain, and even hot sun. Pack sun protection, and a first aid kit with you.

Stay Hydrated. Bring a filled water bottle and sip on it throughout the hike. This is especially important on warmer days when dehydration is more likely.

Take Care Of Your Feet. The most important piece of hiking gear to have are the right shoes, which can be hiking sandals, sneakers, or special hiking boots. Wearing the right shoes that provide support and protection is key to preventing blisters from forming on the lower extremities.

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