It’s no surprise that high heels aren’t good for your feet, but what exactly happens to your feet after wearing heels for hours on end? When you wear any kind of shoe that has an elevation of the heel, your weight gets shifted forward to the ball of the foot or forefoot, and therefore, the higher the heel the more weight and pressure get put on this area. Ultimately heels will throw off your body’s alignment and cause damage to other parts of the body such as your feet, ankles, lower leg, hip, and spine.

Heel Height Facts

1-inch heels increase forefoot pressure by 22%.

2-inch heels increase forefoot pressure by 57%.

3-inch heels increase forefoot pressure by 76%.


Problems Caused By High Heels

Stress Fractures – Strain on the bones over time puts you at a higher risk of fractures/breaks.

Bunions – The swollen, bony protrusion that forms on the side of the big toe becomes aggravated due to the narrow toe box often found in heels and other poorly fitting shoes.

Sprains – The higher the heel, the more your body is thrown off balance, putting you at a higher risk of twisting your foot or ankle.

Hammertoes – A contracture deformity that causes the middle joint to bend and become stuck in a curled position, frequently caused by a narrow toe box.

Plantar Fasciitis – High heels leave you with a weakened arch, so when you suddenly switch to more supportive shoes, it leaves you with an arch that can’t effectively absorb impact or support your weight.


If you have to wear heels for a long time, the ideal heel height is 1 inch. Our team of experts at Pedifix has specially designed products to help support and ease discomfort while wearing high heels.

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