We think you may be missing something in your life. Do you have enough arch support? If you’re not sure, it’s time to take a moment to determine how your feet feel when you return home after a day of work, school, or play. If your feet hurt, there can be many culprits. People may be wearing the wrong style, type, or size. They could also be lacking in the arch department or have too high of an arch.

While shoe shopping, most of us grab our favorite style of shoes in our size and head to the checkout line. We need not buy anything else to make the shoes feel better. There are other groups of people who will require a bit more time and attention during footwear shopping. To put it simply, they need more support. They may have flat feet or stand on their feet for hours during the day. Plantar fasciitis will also require more arch support.

Before you build your supply of arch supports, start with the following guidance and tips from the PediFix team:

-Make sure your shoes aren’t the problem.

-We recommend scheduling an appointment with a podiatrist. Seek professional advice on how to best shop for shoes.

-You may be making common mistakes, such as wearing the wrong shoe size or width.

To avoid an error, schedule time to visit a store instead of shopping online. Ask the salesperson for a Brannock Device, the go-to device for accurately measuring feet. Start with a great foundation by knowing your shoe size before you shop and purchase.

Once you’re in the store, consider these best practices:

-Make sure the arch supports are full length

-Wear the supports in both shoes

-Remove the current insoles (particularly in athletic shoes)

Arch Supports and Insoles

There are many reasons people may need insoles for their shoes. Either way, we have solutions. We offer insoles made from gel and even carbon graphite. Visit our page for a full list of arch supports products to help you take steps in comfort. We are here to help you better cushion and comfort your feet.

If you have questions about how our products can support you, please call 1-800- PEDIFIX (733-4349) to learn more. Our product specialists are ready to support your needs.