It has happened to the best of us. Today, we are talking about sprained ankles and what can be the most critical part after this injury. Do you know how to wrap your injured foot? A sprained ankle is common because it only takes the wrong twist, turn or roll to stretch the ligaments too far. Inflammation and even a tear can follow. The most common cause is when a move causes our ankle to move too far inward or outward. Think about stepping off of a curb or even quickly dodging your opponent during a sporting event.

If you are wondering, why should you wrap your ankle? We think that is an excellent question. The critical need for an ankle wrap is to provide stability. When our ligaments are injured, we need more support. Without it, we can sprain our ankle again or worsen an existing sprain. Secondly, wrapping your ankle reduces the amount of swelling.

Are you not sure about your ankle-wrapping skills? The PediFix team can help to get you started.

Before you grab your supplies, thoroughly wash and dry your foot and ankle. Start with a clean foundation. You can choose an elastic bandage, kinesiology tape, or an ankle brace. Today, we will share the steps for using an elastic bandage.

● First, position your ankle at a 90-degree angle.

● With the rolled bandage in one hand and the loose ends in the other, place the loose end at the edge of your foot. Aim for the ball of your foot near the base of your toes.

● While keeping the loose end in place, add some tension. Then wrap the rolled end of the bandage around your foot and the loose end.

● Keep wrapping, and try to overlap half the width of the bandage as you continue.

● When you get to your heel, the wrap goes across the top of your foot and around your ankle.

● Now, it’s time to make a figure-eight. Cross over the top of your foot and under your arch. Keep going until your heel is covered.

● Lastly, wrap what remains of the bandage around the bottom of your lower leg. Secure with tape or clips.

Bandage Wrapping Dont’s

● Don’t wrap your ankle without starting on clean, dry skin

● Don’t wrap your bandage too tightly (watch out for numbness, purple skin on your toes, etc.)

● Don’t sleep with your bandage on (elevate your foot to reduce swelling)

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