Your big toe is a big deal. Have you ever wondered why? Let’s start here: It helps to stabilize the entire foot and provides balance. With such an important role, there are a few problems that this top toe can face. One common problem is osteoarthritis, which occurs when the cartilage at the end of the bone begins to wear down. People with osteoarthritis can feel pain, swelling, and joint stiffness.

Since this form of arthritis is quite common, the PediFix team wants to help more people learn about the causes and ways to find relief. Each person has a different experience with arthritis. They may have to manage mild pain or seek help for more severe pain.

Symptoms to watch

Could you be one of many Americans learning to live with cartilage that is wearing down? Review the symptoms below to see if it’s time to call a podiatrist:

    • Loss of motion


    • Increasing pain during activities


    • Mobility changes


    • Swelling



If you notice these changes to your feet, we recommend you act fast. Bunions can develop, too. These bumps along the big toe joint can become more painful over time.

Knowing the cause

There are many causes of pain in the big toe joint. There are also myths about arthritis, including the one that says it only affects older people. Here’s a fact: osteoarthritis is one of the most common causes of joint pain. You may also hear that it’s known as “wear-and-tear arthritis.” Think of past injuries and long-term activities as primary causes.

Finding a solution

If your big toe is causing you trouble, there are solutions. One example is a toe exercise routine. Performing toe curls to marble pick-up activities are also ways to find relief. Other solutions include weight management, orthotics, and insoles. One of our recommendations is our  XTC Carbon Graphite Turf Toe Relief Insole. Created to meet the needs of big toe joint pain, it helps to limit the motion and movement that cause the discomfort.

For most podiatrists, while surgery is the last option to resolve the issue, it may provide relief. Stay in contact with your doctor.

If you have questions about how our products can support you, please call 1-800- PEDIFIX (733-4349) to learn more. Our product specialists are ready to support your needs.