If you are a runner, you may think the cause of your foot aches and pain is your choice of running shoes. Yes, there can be some truth to this guess. However, have you considered the other culprits for your discomfort? Check your shoes first, but be open-minded to other concerns. A runner may put in miles each day, and they are hoping for comfort and support. Today, we’re sharing other causes of aches and pains.

Whether you are training for a marathon or taking a short lap around the neighborhood, foot pain can stop you in your tracks. In addition to wearing the wrong pair of shoes, you may also have experienced an injury. The PediFix team has a quick breakdown of common problems.


bunion is one form of a toe deformity. If you are trying to spot this, look at your big toe. You may notice a bump. Some people complain of pain, swelling, and redness, too. Unfortunately, a bunion will progress over time, causing more discomfort as it increases in size. A bunion becomes very painful for runners especially when shoes lack support and cushion.

Achilles pain

We depend on our Achilles tendon. After all, this powerful tendon allows us to point our toes. When it becomes inflamed, which can occur after overuse, a runner may feel stiffness and discomfort. The best response is to rest and schedule an appointment with your podiatrist. Take care to monitor your recovery and be slow to resume activity with a doctor’s approval.

Plantar fasciitis 

Are you paying attention to your plantar fascia? It’s the part of your heel that can become inflamed if you are not taking it easy. Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common forms of heel pain. It can cause sharp, intense pain in the morning. The discomfort can easily keep a runner off of the track.

If you are looking for another solution for your foot aches and pains, you may want to return your focus to your footwear. Our PediFix® GelStep® Full Length Replacement Insoles fit in most footwear, including your running shoes, and help to relieve heel pain and support your arch.

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