What do you know about sports injuries? These not-so-fun events can put both rookie and seasoned athletes on the sidelines. Pending the severity of an injury, surgery may even become the next step. The good news is many sports injuries can be prevented. The bad news is they are still more common than you think. As you read, we hope you will start thinking about helpful products to add to your sports bag.

Whether you’re planning for back-to-school sports or continuing your activity, the PediFix team wants to ensure you have what you need. Today, we focus on ankle support and relief for skin irritation, including blisters, corns, and calluses.

PediFix® Visco-GEL® Ankle Bone Protection Sleeve

We put our ankle bones through a lot of back-and-forths — and twists and turns. What we need to provide most are cushion and support. One of our products provides protection and cushion through a Visco-GEL sleeve, which keeps Visco-GEL pads in place on both sides of the ankle bone. The sleeve is helpful for wearing with boots, skates, and other athletic footwear. The sleeve even soothes irritated skin.

PediFix® Visco-GEL® Skate & Boot Protection Sleeve

Is there a hockey player in the house? What about an ice skater? If you have an athlete at home who is often lacing up skates, keep reading about another one of our protection sleeves. Our cushion protects the top of the ankle and foot. It also absorbs pressure and friction. We are proud to share how professional hockey players often use this product.

PediFix® SoreSpot® Silicone Tape

Game-day blisters? Challenging corns? One of the best ways to begin the healing process is to keep those sore sports protected. Our tape helps to securely hold bandages and guarantees pain-free removal. Who wants the pain of ripping off a bandage? Our silicone tape is soft and conforming, which also helps enhance the absorption of any medications or creams.

We hope these products come in handy. As you or your family members seek comfort or protection for common injuries like ankle sprains or even blisters, explore more on our website today.

If you have questions about how our products can support you, please call 1-800- PEDIFIX (733-4349) to learn more. Our product specialists are ready to support your needs.