The warmer temperatures can bring many of us back to our favorite place: the yard. Whether you have a blossoming garden or a beautiful green lawn, there is much work to complete. Maintenance is a must-do if you like to keep your yard looking its best. While you have the best intentions of keeping all eyes on the green, don’t forget to watch your feet. This summer, the PediFix team is here to help you reduce your risk of foot injuries and keep your toes out of trouble.

Here are three tips to consider while working in the yard:

1-Wait until your grass is dry.

It may seem like a good idea to start yard work after a fresh rain, but we encourage you to wait. Never mow while the grass is wet as it could cause you to lose footing and injure your toes. Pulling weeds while standing on the slippery ground is a risk and recipe for an ankle sprain.


2-Shoe choice matters for lawn work, too.

We talk about the importance of wearing the right shoes at the beach, on the basketball court, and indoors. The same conversation applies to your yard. Wearing flip-flops for yard work is a no-no. We want you to wear shoes with support. We also want you to keep your feet covered to protect them from potential injuries. If you have diabetes, watch out for wounds.


3-Listen to your body.

For some people, gardening work can be their favorite time of day. Spending hours outside can be the best part of the summer. Unfortunately, there are a few signs that your body might be giving you, and we encourage you to pay attention. If you’re not sweating, you’re not hydrated. Stop, take a break, and drink water. If feeling light-headed or tired, take lawn care off your schedule for the day.


While perfecting your front lawn, make sure you start on a dry day. Then, wear the proper shoes that provide coverage and support. Lastly, listen to your body. Stop at any sign of discomfort or distress.

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