What is the purpose of a toe spacer? For some of us, we think of the temporary device that makes an appearance during our pedicure appointments. They’re the helpful tools used by nail salon technicians to make sure that the polish stays put (no smudges allowed). That type of spacer, usually made from lightweight foam, can also be helpful for your at-home pedicures.

However, today we’re talking about a different toe spacer or toe separator. The podiatrist-approved version is usually made of silicone. While the goal isn’t to prevent polish smudges, podiatrists recommend toe spacers to help improve toe flexibility and help with misalignment and the resulting discomfort.

Most of the day, our toes are side-by-side in a crowded shoe with little wiggle room. That’s not good for our feet. Naturally, we are most comfortable when our toes are free to move. The PediFix team is sharing two ways toe spacers can help:

Align your toes 

Misalignment is a common cause of foot pain. When worn regularly, toe spacers can help to correct the problem. If you have bunions, you can find some relief, too. The toe separator helps with toe stretching and flexing. Each of these movements feels so very good.

Reduce the rubbing

Creating a bit of separation between your toes also helps with your friction problem. Our toes rubbing together is a signal of misalignment. Gentle alignment is most successful, and that is what we love the most about our toe separators.

We offer a variety of toe separators, and here are the top benefits:

  1. Separate and align toes that rub
  2. Reduce friction while absorbing pressure
  3. Comfortably and gently align toes

Here are a few PediFix options for your choosing:

PediFix® Visco-GEL® Stay-Put™ Toe Spacers




PediFix® Visco-GEL® Slip-On Toe Spacers™




PediFx® Visco-GEL ® Toe Spacer




PediFix has created options that are easy to use and effective for weeks. We are also committed to providing spacers that stay put. We understand it can be frustrating when your separator keeps sliding out of position.

If you still have questions about the benefits of these toe spacers, we’re here to help. We also recommend you connect with your podiatrist before deciding on a solution.

We’re in the business of helping people find relief from common foot and ankle conditions. If you have questions about any of our products, please call 1-800-PEDIFIX (733-4349) to learn more. Our product specialists are ready to support your needs.