Ready, set, walk! April 6th is National Walking Day, and the soon-to-be warmer weather is hopefully an incentive to take your walk outside. Walking has many benefits, and we celebrate this day by setting aside 30 minutes. Whether you choose to move during your lunch break or take an evening tour around the neighborhood, the team at PediFix hopes you’ll experience how great it feels to take a few more steps each day. 


Ask yourself these questions on April 6:


● Am I wearing the right shoes?

● Have I stretched?

● Am I hydrated?

● Do I have foot or ankle pain?

● Am I recovering from an injury?


In 2007, the American Heart Association kicked off this awareness day. Walking helps reduce the risk of heart disease, maintain a healthy weight, and live a healthier lifestyle. Walking may seem like it requires less thinking about your shoes, but think again. Common complaints after wearing the wrong shoes range from sore arches to heel pain. If you’re double-checking your walking shoes, here are some products you may want to consider: 


PediFix® Lateral Sole Wedge Insoles


Don’t let discomfort keep you from meeting your walking goals. Our insoles help with excessive supination, which can happen with running or walking. Your weight shifts to the outer edges of your feet. Choose this product if you need help with:

● knee pain

● ankle instability

● uneven wear


PediFix® FELTastic® Metatarsal Support Pads


Have you ever felt you were walking with a pebble in your sock? The feeling is very frustrating. It can give you one more reason to put your walking shoes away. We all need support, but we’ve got something specifically for your metatarsals. Pick up these pads if you have:

● metatarsal pain

● calluses

● neuroma pain



PediFix® Double-Action Gel Heel Cushions

Our heel cushions absorb the shock while you’re walking. An exclusive circular wave pattern is what makes this possible. Heel pain while walking can make every step feel miserable, but our gel heel cushions give you the green light to keep moving. Our cushions:

● have a removable disk for heel spurs
● fit any shoe
● stay in place

We’re in the business of helping people find relief from common foot and ankle conditions. If you have questions about any of our products, please call 1-800-PEDIFIX (733-4349). Our product specialists are always ready to support your needs.