How much do you know about the Achilles tendon? There is something special about this one. When it is damaged or torn, we have to stop — literally. The other name for the Achilles tendon is the heel cord. Why? This tendon connects the muscles in the back of the lower part of the leg to the heel bone. 


Because of our Achilles tendon, we can point our feet downward, rise on our toes, and push down while walking. Now, here comes the problem: inflammation. Overuse and repetition are often the top causes of tendonitis. Many athletes experience this condition. Wearing high heels for an extended period can also be the culprit. 


At PediFix® we love to share ways to help people with foot conditions. Did you know stretching can ease your pain? Here are some examples. Always check with a medical professional before trying these moves. 


Runner’s stretch (calf stretch)

A stretch helps to reduce tightness. The first exercise helps to loosen the tendon, and you will only need a wall or a chair. Learn more here

Toe-to-wall stretch

The next stretch helps to improve mobility and limits the amount of stress on the tendon. Get the details on the proper form here.

Heel drop

For this exercise, use a stepladder or find a set of stairs. If you’re uncomfortable with balancing, always ask for support. Learn more here


During recovery, the top priority is to protect the Achilles tendon from additional pressure or irritation. Our PediFix® Visco-GEL® Achilles Protection Sleeve does this while also moisturizing skin with Visco-GEL, which releases mineral oil and vitamin E. The compression sleeve provides a gentle way to promote healing. Another way to find relief is by finding support. Our Peel-Away Adjustable Heel Lift reduces the strain on your calf muscle and Achilles tendon.

While doing stretches to ease the discomfort, remember these tips:

  • Slow, gentle movement is best
  • Bouncing or repetition can be problematic
  • Pain is a reminder to stop

Our bodies need time to heal, and we’re here to support you with helpful resources for your recovery. We hope you feel empowered to listen to your body.

Do you still have questions about how to address your pain? We’re in the business of helping people find relief from common foot and ankle conditions. We have solutions, and we’re here to answer questions about our products. Please call 1-800-PEDIFIX (733-4349) to learn more. Our product specialists are ready to support your needs.