If you have foot problems, you are not alone. We all depend on our feet quite a bit, and sometimes they need extra attention. From your big toe to your pinky toe, we take a closer look at three common foot problems. We also share ways that PediFix products make a positive difference. What conditions do you think will make this list? Keep reading to see if any of your guesses made our list.


Look down at your left foot. Now, check out your right foot. Each foot has 26 bones and 30 joints. Can you guess how many muscles? Over 100. Interesting facts like these make it easy to understand the complexity of our underlying foot structure. And that’s without examining how the outside of our feet and ankles may be affected by certain conditions.


Here are a few examples of why you may feel an ‘ouch’:


Pinky toe problems

Do you have a corn on your pinky toe? Welcome to the club. Having a corn on one or more toes is a common nuisance. Friction is the top cause, and most people experience too much friction because they are wearing either the wrong size shoe, the wrong style, or both.


Solution: For the long term, find a better-fitting pair of shoes. In the interim, add cushion and padding. Check out our “4 in 1” Super Soft Toe Cushions™  to help absorb pressure and friction while giving comfort to your corns.


Irritating ingrown toenails

What happens if a toenail begins to grow into the surrounding skin? Two words: Ingrown toenail. People most commonly experience this ailment for two reasons: improper toenail trimming and improperly fitting footwear.


Solution: Do not rip toenails, stop trimming too close to the skin, and never use dull nail clippers. If your ingrown toenail is causing you pain, find relief with our Podiatrists’ Choice® Nylon-Covered Toe Cap.


Bad news blisters 

blister may not seem like a big deal, but consider it a “natural bandage” for your body. When you see a blister, remember that your body has created this fluid-filled bubble to help repair damaged skin. Friction is one of the main causes, and people can have blisters on their heels, sides of the feet, and toes.


Solution: Keep your feet cool and dry and find ways to reduce friction. If you want to prevent, protect, or heal blisters, we have you covered with our SoreSpot® Silicone Tape.


Are foot ailments holding you back from your favorite activities? We are in the business of helping people find relief from common foot and ankle conditions. We have solutions, and we are here to answer questions about our products. Please call 1-800-PEDIFIX (733-4349) to learn more. Our product specialists are ready to support your needs.