We can all improve how quickly we respond to health issues. If there is one thing that we know is true, delaying treatment can have dangerous consequences. The same goes for our foot and ankle health. Have you been putting off a visit to the podiatrist? If a recent foot inspection has caused you concern, we hope this blog post pushes you to call a podiatrist. 


Below are ankle and foot problems that should not go left untreated. The PediFix team is here to help you take the next best steps to find relief. 


1. Ankle sprains

What is the cause of an ankle sprain? Let’s say that it is when your ankle turns the wrong way. An ankle sprain is a very common injury. Unfortunately, it is also a commonly untreated condition. Common causes include skipping warmups, working out on uneven surfaces, and wearing unsupportive shoes. Ankle braces help to provide additional support. 


2. Bunions

Bunions can feel like a burden, especially as they worsen over time. The toe deformity is progressive and will worsen without help from a specialist like a podiatrist. Look for the bunion on the side of the big toe joint. For people with bunions, surgery is often the last option. Try our  Visco-GEL® Bunion Relief Sleeve or Visco-GEL® ToeBuddy® Bunion Guard for pain relief.


3. Heel pain

The most common form of heel pain is plantar fasciitis. Flat feet are usually a cause, and this type of heel pain can be painful. Some people describe a stabbing pain or pain after completing an exercise routine. Here’s how you can find relief: get some arch support with our FasciaFix® Plantar Fasciitis Relief Sleeve


4. Corns and calluses

Friction, friction, friction. Too much friction and the wrong pair of shoes are the common causes for corns and calluses. Corns and calluses are a collection of dead skin cells that thicken and harden over time. The best treatment is providing cushioning and padding to the area and shopping for a new pair of shoes. Check out our Visco-GEL® Silicone Moleskin Protective Padding.


5. Fungal infections

What’s the danger of fungal infections? They can spread to your family and friends. Warts and athlete’s foot are often the result of walking around in public spaces without socks and shoes or sharing shoes or foot hygiene products. Stay one step ahead with our Tea Tree Ultimates® Foot Wipes.


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