We try our best to keep our feet moisturized during the winter, but common conditions can creep up this season. From dry, cracked heels to dry skin around your ankles and on your feet, adding moisture is the main idea. The PediFix team has you covered with five easy ways to care for your feet. Here is a list of some of our products to help you tackle the issues:

  1.   Lock in moisture

Now is the time when moisture is a must-have. As the weather forecast changes, our skin reacts, too. One of the best ways to lock in moisture is to include it in your daily routine. Is applying a lotion or a cream on your to-do list each day? If you have fallen behind, we recommend our new and improved Deep-Healing Foot Cream™.

  1. Prevent fungal infections

The motto is true: everything in moderation. In this case, we’re talking about moisture. While our skin loves moisture, so do the bacteria that cause a fungal infection. Wipe away sweat & odor, dirt & grime, fungus bacteria & germs. We recommend our Tea Tree Ultimates® Foot Wipes.

  1. React to cracks

If you have cracks on your feet and ankles, it’s time to react. Cracks can become infected if not treated properly. For patients with diabetes, these cracks are an even greater cause for concern. Have you checked out our Cracks & Calluses Foot Repair Cream™?

  1. Create a routine 

For people concerned about dry feet, find creative solutions to add moisture. A comforting solution that we are proud to offer: our Gel Ultimates® Moisturizing Booties. These gel-lined booties have natural conditioning oils.

  1. Pamper often

Why wait until the spring or summer to think about your feet? If you’re not ready yet to wiggle your toes in the sand, start now with at-home remedies. Try our Tea Tree Ultimates® Soaking Crystals™, which provide a range of solutions for relief, from cleaning your feet to softening calluses.

Dryness can affect the quality of your skin from head to toe during the winter. While caring for your face, hands, and even legs, many people forget to moisturize their feet. Today is a great day to make a change. We are here to help.

If you’re ready for relief this winter, we’re here to answer questions about our products. Please call 1-800-PEDIFIX (733-4349) to learn more. Our product specialists are ready to support your needs.