Corns are areas of hardened, sometimes yellowish skin, usually appearing on the top of the foot or boney portion of your toe. They can form on any pressure points, even in-between toes, on the bottom of the foot or around knobby areas often subject to prolonged rubbing, pressure, friction, or other forms of irritation. They can be painful and usually from as a result of poorly fitting shoes.

Corns can sometimes form on the feet of people already suffering from fallen arches (abnormal gait), or those with hammertoes or bunions. Once you have one, the best course of action is to prevent it from getting worse. can offer some proven ways to deal with the discomfort of corns.

3-Layer Toe Separators™ (#P280) separate crooked, overlapping, and toes that rub to relieve between toe corns, blisters, pinching and cramping. Soft cushions soothe and prevent irritations by absorbing pressure with their durable, three-layer-foam design.

Visco-GEL® Toe Protector (#P82) relieve corns, ingrown nails, blisters, and other toe irritations. Soft fabric-covered cap surrounds, protects, and soothes with our exclusive Gel to absorb pressure and friction while releasing mineral oil to soften and moisturize skin — 1 per pack.

Tea Tree Ultimates® Soaking Crystals™ (#P3078) provide a therapeutic foot soak featuring our exclusive blend of Tea Tree and Peppermint essential oils, Epsom, and Sea Salts. This invigorating soak soothes aches and pains, relieves itching, and softens corns and calluses while fighting fungus and bacteria. Leaves feet feeling refreshed, clean, and smelling great! Each box contains (6) 1 oz. packets.

If you’re experiencing significant pain, swelling, or redness around the area, or if you have diabetes, see a foot care specialist. Patients with poor circulation, fragile skin, or nerve problems and numbness in the feet should always talk to their doctors before any home treatment.

If you have questions about all of the arch pain products from PediFix, please reach out to us at or by phone at 1-800-PEDIFIX (733-4349) to speak directly to a product specialist today.

PediFix Medical Footcare. 256 Ways to Relieve Foot Pain.

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