Athlete’s foot (tinea pedis) is a common infection of the feet caused by fungus. It typically occurs between the toes or on the soles of the feet. Our feet sweat. And when they do, they trap moisture between the toes and cracks in the skin. An ideal incubator for fungus you can collect from a bathroom or locker room floor, shower stall, public carpet, or even from your socks or shoes.

Washing your feet is the best defense. Web M.D. says to wash your feet in water between 90 and 95 degrees — and as we know all too well, don’t forget to clean between your toes. Remember to dry your feet thoroughly, especially between those toes. Using Tea Tree Ultimates® foot care products from will help your feet start clean and maintain it, all day long.

Tea Tree Ultimates® FungaSoap® (#P3071/P3072/P3075) is a patented soap enriched with Tea Tree Oil to help keep your feet feeling and smelling fresh. Use as a complement to anti-fungal medications, and for longer-term relief and prevention of foot and body fungus problems.

Tea Tree Ultimates® Foot Wipes (#P3370) help clean & soothe feet fast. Improve hygiene, reduce odor. Great for use after sports, exercise, or the gym. When a shower isn’t practical, wipe away dirt & germs and help remove fungus & bacteria from the skin surface.

Maintain the clean and practice good foot hygiene. Great for diabetic footcare.

If you have questions about Athlete’s foot or any of the quality foot care products from PediFix, please reach out to us at or by phone at 1-800-PEDIFIX (733-4349) to speak directly to a product specialist today.

PediFix Medical Footcare. 256 Ways to Relieve Foot Pain.

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