Tom Brady is an elite N.F.L. quarterback and holds 54 league records attained while playing for the New England Patriots. Six Super Bowl wins, Four Superbowl M.V.P. awards, and winner of NFL MVP honors three times over a storied 19 N.F.L. seasons. This season wasn’t one of those seasons. It didn’t go as Brady or his New England Patriots would have liked. After enduring shoulder injuries & tennis elbow for much of last season, Brady suffered a severe toe injury sometime in December, according to N.F.L. Network’s, Michael Girardi.

It clearly limited the performance fans expect from the Patriots’ Brady. Post toe injury, the Patriots lost close games until they fell to the Titans in the N.F.L. playoff wild-card, ending a chance to defend their Super Bowl title. Brady is most likely suffering from a condition called Turf Toe. A painful injury that includes swelling and limited joint mobility at the base of the great toe.

It can be caused by a sudden impact against the foot and experiencing feeling a “pop” at the toe joint, followed by immediate pain that can worsen quickly within the first 24 hours. The injury affects the ligaments and tendons that allow the big toe joint to act as a hinge for normal upward and downward motion of the foot. Pushing off and propelling yourself while running, pivoting, or even walking can continue to irritate and prolong the injury.

Carbon Fiber Spring Plates are strong, lightweight shoe inserts that add rigidity to footwear, improve energy transfer, stabilize motion, relieve pain, and speed healing. In addition to athletic performance advantages, Spring Plates are even more commonly helpful for those suffering from turf-toe, hallux limitus or rigidus, forefoot, midfoot and plantar plate injuries, fractures, arthritis, metatarsalgia, neuromas, even diabetic ulcerations. Carbon graphite or fiberglass materials stiffen shoes, limit flex, and range-of-motion in those problem areas. Offered in women’s sizes 5-10 and Men’s sizes 7-13, they are available individually, for right or left feet.

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