To commemorate another terrific year and show how much we value our customers, we want to celebrate by offering some of our top selling PediFix® Medical Footcare products at a steep discount. From now through December 31st 2019, use the code HOLIDAY20 on to enjoy 20% off any or all of the products featured in this article. This offer is limited to 1 order per customer. Does not apply to wholesale discounts. Free shipping on orders over $50.

Give the gift of comfort and joy this holiday season with PediFix!

Pamper Yourself!

Tea Tree Ultimates® Foot Wipes (#P3370) Clean & soothe feet fast. Improve hygiene, reduce odor. Great for use after sports, exercise or the gym. When a shower isn’t practical. Wipe away dirt & germs after sandal or flip-flop use. Help remove fungus & bacteria from skin surface. Encourage diabetic footcare. 6.6″ x 7.8″. 25 wipes per pack.

Tea Tree Ultimates® Soaking Crystals™ (#P3078) A therapeutic foot soak featuring our exclusive blend of Tea Tree and Peppermint essential oils, Epsom and Sea Salts. This invigorating soak soothes aches and pains, relieves itching and softens corns and calluses while fighting fungus and bacteria. Leaves feet feeling refreshed, clean and smelling great! Each box contains (6) 1 oz. packets.

Gel Ultimates® Moisturizing Booties (#P802) These Visco-GEL® lined slipper-socks moisturize and soften hard, dry, rough skin — fast. Get smooth feet after just a few short treatments. Exclusive Gel that fully surrounds feet — not just the soles — gradually releases jojoba, avocado, olive and other natural oils onto the skin’s surface. Terrycloth comfort, non-skid soles. Safe to wear around the house while feet get super soft! Washable and reusable for months. 1 pair.

Smooth Your Skin!

Pedi-Quick® Step-N-Smooth® Shower Foot File (#P3030) Simply rub heels against this unique mat to safely smooth calluses and rough, dry skin. Long-lasting mat rests on the shower floor. Non-skid backing keeps it securely positioned to help prevent slipping. Great for people who cannot easily reach their feet. 1 per pack.

Pedi-Quick® 2-Sided Foot File (#P3020)Two different emery surfaces — one fine and one coarse — gently smooth rough, dry or hardened skin. Works great on corns and calluses. Ergonomically-designed, non-slip handle provides precise control.

Visco-GEL® Heel-So-Smooth® Heel Sleeves (#P800)These unique Sleeves are lined with Visco-GEL® that releases vitamin E-enriched mineral oil onto the skin surface to help soften and moisturize rough, dry, cracked heels. Improvement is noticeable after just a few hours. Typically worn while resting, or overnight. Apply moisturizing creams to heels before use for even faster results. 1 pair.

Clean & Moisturize!

Tea Tree Ultimates® FungaSoap® (#P3071/P3072/P3075) Win the fungus battle! This patented soap is enriched with Tea Tree Oil — used since ancient times as a disinfectant, to fight germs, and as an antiseptic to help prevent infection. Use alone, as a complement to anti-fungal medications, and for longer-term relief and prevention of foot and body fungus problems.

NoBend™ FootReacher™ (#P3365) Easier, better foot care for people who have difficulty reaching their feet. For cleaning & hygiene, improving skincare, applying creams, moisturizers, antifungals and more. Sturdy, 1” thick, 22” long fixed-length plastic handle, with two attachments – a permanent scrubbing brush, and replaceable foam ‘fingers’ for cleaning feet and toes, applying moisturizers, creams, antifungals and other medications. Replacement foam ‘fingers’ are available. 1 per pack with 2 sponges. Replacement sponges are 3 per pack.

Dr. B’s FootReacher™ (#3366) Designed by a footcare expert for his patients who have difficulty safely reaching and caring for their feet. This adjustable-length, telescoping steel pole features a pivoting, angled and articulated ‘head’ that positions and aligns 3 different attachments – a pumice type disc for smoothing calluses and itch relief, a foam sponge for cleaning or spreading soaps, creams, moisturizers or antifungals and foam ‘fingers’ for reaching between toes. The attachments are easily interchanged with a simple ‘quick-clip’ system. Pole extends from 24”-44”. Additional or replacement attachment heads are available separately. 1 per pack with 1 of each attachment. Replacement attachments are 3 per pack.

Deep-Healing Foot Cream™ (#P3069) This rich, hydrating cream features mineral oil and vitamins A, D and E to moisturize and soften calluses and dry, rough skin. Our special formula penetrates deep to help heal dry, cracked areas — which is especially beneficial for people with diabetes and sensitive feet. 4 oz. jar.

Care for Your Feet!

Professional Nail Cutter (#P3355) Heavy-duty, solid, stainless-steel construction, ‘double-action’ leverage, barrel-spring design for extra nail-cutting power. Trims hard, thick, ingrown and fungal-infected nails with ease. ½” curved surgical quality blades boost control and precision. 5 1/2” long etched handle for sure gripping. This is a professional-quality tool that allows confident use, even in weaker hands. The hooked latch secures the blade for safe storage, opens when handles are compressed.

FasciaFix® Plantar Fasciitis Relief Sleeve (#P6023) FasciaFix® Plantar Fasciitis Relief Sleeve is a unique, multi-zone compression sleeve with a knitted pattern and subtle ‘nodules’ that help relieve pain and swelling associated with plantar fasciitis. Supports the arch and plantar fascia ligament to help stop heel pain. Promotes healing, enhances circulation and helps minimize the effects of inflammation. Thin enough to be worn under or over socks. Comfortable for all day or all-night use. Sizing is approximate and based on Arch Circumference; Small 5″-7.5″; Medium 7.5″-10″; Large 10-12.5″; Extra Large 12.5″-15″.

ShoeZap® 15 Minute UV Shoe Sanitizer (#P3410) Shoes are warm, dark and damp — the perfect breeding ground for germs that can infect your feet and make them smell. More effective than sprays and powders that can leave a toxic residue, ShoeZap® is the fast, easy way to kill fungus and bacteria that cause Athlete’s Foot, Fungal Nails, Foot and Shoe Odor, Diabetic Infections and more. Keeps shoes clean, more hygienic and safe to wear. One size Sanitizer fits all footwear styles and sizes, so ShoeZap® will disinfect every shoe in your home and family — Men’s, Women’s, Teens and Children. Shoes are the only article of clothing we never clean — until now. UVC germicidal light kills fungus and bacteria that thrive in shoes and cause Athlete’s Foot, toenail fungus (onychomychosis), foot and shoe odor, skin infections and more. Helps keep shoes ‘microscopically clean’, hygienic and odor-free, without the use of toxic chemicals. 15-minute automatic-off time cycle. Both a product and service healthcare professionals can offer their patients suffering from these common foot conditions.

To take advantage of this amazing holiday sale, act now through December 31st 2019 and use the code HOLIDAY20 on to enjoy 20% off any or all of the products featured here. Free shipping on orders over $50. Does not apply to wholesale discounts. This offer is limited to 1 order per customer.

Thank you for making PediFix® the choice for all your foot care needs.

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