In Part 2 of “Caring for your Feet,” I will share some basic foot care tips for Children, Adults, Athletes, and Older Adults. Here are some guidelines, precautions, and information for anyone to keep their feet feeling their best and what steps to take to help rescue yourself from common foot pain and discomfort. Everyone should keep their feet clean, dry, and always take the time to pay attention to short-term issues before they become long-term problems.

Foot care for children is essential. Kids should always wear the best, proper-fitted footwear for their activity, just like you do for yourself. Avoid the “grow-into” or “hand-me-down” philosophy, if possible. Your child’s feet are growing, and loose shoes or ones that don’t fit well can cause blisters, calluses, or worse. Abnormalities can occur as the foot develops through young adulthood. Check their shoes regularly and watch for anything unusual like flat feet, pigeon-toed or bow-legged conditions and consult a foot care specialist.

Adult foot pain is common. We work, play, and usually live life without looking out for ourselves enough, especially when it comes to caring for our feet. Foot injuries commonly occur at work and can cause pain, discomfort, and, eventually, time and income lost to injury. Wear the best shoes for the job. If you stand, wear comfortable and supportive shoes. If you work in dangerous areas, get protective footwear that preserve your foot health against the specific hazards found there. If you need even more support or comfort, look to for the best in quality shoe pads, inserts, and support products. Whether it’s just wanting to be more comfortable or the need to relieve plantar fasciitis, blister pain, or any other foot pain, PediFix will help you stay on your feet.

Athletes and those that participate in strenuous physical activities need their feet to perform. Our feet take a beating getting us through an ordinary day. An athlete puts much more high-impact stress and strain on their feet in a shorter time and always wants to perform at their best. Stretching is key to avoiding injury. Wearing proper footwear is important. So is listening to your body. Take a minute to be sure a nagging injury doesn’t become a chronic problem by using the high-performance foot care recovery products found on

Keeping your feet functioning well is essential for everyone. Older adults require an upgraded care plan because, as we age, we are more prone to injury. It’s even more important to pay attention to our feet. Maintain proper hygiene and foot care rituals while wearing the right shoes. Try to avoid standing for long periods or walking in hazardous areas, and most importantly, consult your doctor when you think something might be wrong.

People with diabetes should always take extra care of their feet. “People with diabetes can develop many different problems with their feet. Even the most common issue could lead to severe complications more quickly than you think. Always inspect your feet and watch for anything you might see as a potential problem. Poor circulation, a pebble in your shoe, or an improperly trimmed toenail can put you at a higher risk for infection.” We went in-depth for diabetic foot care on October 25th. If you have diabetes or know someone who does, please look back and give yourself a refresher or read about it for the first time. Protecting someone with at-risk feet is essential to maintaining their long-term health at any age.

If you have questions about any of the quality foot care products from PediFix, please reach out to us at or by phone at 1-800-PEDIFIX (733-4349) to speak directly to a product specialist today.

PediFix Medical Footcare. 256 Ways to Relieve Foot Pain.

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