In Part 1 of “Caring for your Feet,” we will examine the basic steps and practices you should employ to maintain and safeguard healthy feet. Footcare can play a key role in maintaining a healthier and more active lifestyle. Feet are subjected to several “stressors” and must be up to the measure of your everyday schedule. Career, leisure activity, workouts, even cleanliness, and choice of footwear can influence foot health. And who are the experts you need to see if self-care isn’t enough?

Maintain your clean. Clean, inspect, prevent regularly to detect any problems, blisters, wounds, calluses, or changes in the foot’s appearance. Consider using a hand mirror or extended reach cleaning tools if you can’t bend or reach your feet. Use a quality soap from, rinse well after washing, and dry them thoroughly before putting on your socks. Trim your nails regularly, but don’t cut them too short to prevent ingrown toenails. The right trimmer is essential to safe trimming. PediFix has you covered. Use a foot file on damp feet and heels, then apply quality moisturizer before going to bed. Avoid applying moisturizer between the toes to prevent possible fungal infection.

Wear well-fitting, comfortable shoes with a wide toe-box that do not need “breaking-in.” Your shoe size can vary, flatten during the day, and be larger at night. It’s also normal for one foot is usually bigger than the other, so buy shoes to fit the larger foot. Shop for shoes at night when feet are their flattest. Keep a thumb’s width between the end of your big toe and the front of the shoe. It’s a good idea to get measured each time you shop for footwear. Our shoe size and shape can change as we age, growing longer, wider, and changing at the arch of the foot. Do not wear high or elevated heels or tight shoes every day. They are bad for your feet and can cause chronic problems, eventually affecting other parts of your body. Never ignore a chronic foot problem; seek medical attention promptly. While I am not a doctor, I can share some information on foot specialists and what they can do for you.

Consulting a foot specialist is the next step. Medical experts to treat any advanced foot health concerns you may have can help diagnose, treat, and follow up with the best care plan for your particular foot ailment.

In Caring for your Feet: Part 2, I will share some basic tips about caring for the feet of Children, Adults, Older Adults, and Athletes.

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