Having Flat Feet can be painful. So can having high arches. It’s usually an inherited condition and can also lead to or complicate other foot issues. Because the arch is higher than average, fatigue, aches, and pain can occur along with plantar fasciitis or metatarsalgia. Forefoot pain can also develop from uneven weight distribution or strain on the metatarsals, possibly even causing balance issues. Inadequate shock-absorbing biomechanics can cause chronic pain, fatigue, and even limit your choice of footwear, especially with types of higher heeled shoes. If you have high arches, try to wear stable, well-cushioned footwear with good ankle and arch support.

Rest is a great way to start the recovery from high arch pain. Avoid strenuous activities like running, jumping, or high energy workouts to help the foot recover naturally. Massage your feet, employ light stretching followed up with an insulated ice pack for 10 minutes or so. Ditch those uncomfortable, non-supportive shoes and socks.

Consider using quality arch support pads and insoles from Pedifix.com to help cushion, realign, and position the foot properly, while offloading pressure to relieve pain and discomfort in all types of footwear. Ask about our quality socks too.

Pedi-GEL® Arch Pads (#P8202) cushion and protect to support high or low arches. Helps relieve arch and heel pain and tired, aching feet. Self-sticking pads adhere directly to feet or the inside of shoes. Durable, washable, and reusable. 2 per pack.

Visco-GEL® ExtraArches™ (#P1140) are anatomically-shaped, Visco-Gel® arch pads designed to provide instant support, comfort, and relief of foot pain. Unlike bulky orthotics and insoles, these fit easily in every shoe style. Soothe heel and arch pain, limit excessive pronation to improve biomechanics, and make shoes more comfortable. Self-adhering backing keeps them in place. Sizing is approximate.

GelStep® Full-Length Replacement Insoles are made from 100% medical-grade silicone. Specifically designed to cushion, protect, absorb shock, and relieve pressure on heels and metatarsal heads. ‘Blue Zone’ comfort spots feature softer silicone for extra protection in high-impact areas. This dual-durometer design provides maximum comfort and cushioning. Available uncovered or with an odor control, antimicrobial top cover to help absorb perspiration, reduce friction, and improve comfort. 1 pair.

Pay attention to your daily routine and to see if an activity contributes to your high arch pain. Try to avoid or at least reduce the time spent doing it or any other strenuous activity. If the pain gets worse or remains for more than a couple of days, seriously consider seeing a medical professional. They can suggest additional treatments or a suitable care plan to help your recovery stay on target.

If you have questions about arch care products from PediFix, please reach out to us at Pedifix.com or by phone at 1-800-PEDIFIX (733-4349) to speak directly to a product specialist today.

PediFix Medical Footcare. 256 Ways to Relieve Foot Pain.

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