No one wants to be let down, especially by their own feet. Daily life puts us through the grind of a busy schedule and whether its work or play, we always have a lot to do and usually not enough time to do it. Our feet carry us to-and-fro, back and forth. It’s important to remember that even the simplest and ordinary activities can cause fatigue and even pain.

With regular use, our feet can remind us they might not be ready for what we have in store for them. Even without a foot ailment, our feet can hurt, slow us down, or even develop a condition as a result of constant strain or overuse. From the repetition of driving a car to all-day walking or standing to running, our feet can be put under tremendous strain.

Constant flexing and pivoting your foot while driving can also take a toll, especially on a long road trip. If you find yourself in slow-moving traffic, you may not realize how much work your right foot and ankle are doing. Pushing down the accelerator, retracting to switch over to the brake and pushing down again can be tedious repetition for your foot. Especially when you consider the length of the trip or commute you are on. Not to mention, when we get out of the car and go about our typical day. And if you spend considerable time sitting, be sure to change position and keep that blood flowing. Especially if you usually sit on the ankle of a bent leg.

Walking in uncomfortable shoes, climbing steps, or even standing for long periods, take a toll on our feet. When you rush from place to place while walking fast or in a brief run, our feet can feel the impact of up to 3 times our body weight. When running, multiply that by the average of 80-100 times per minute. Foot strike (the placement and way your foot interacts with the ground) plays a role in eventual fatigue and even pain. Running up an incline can increase an already substantial impact and load rate on the feet. It’s best to walk or run with an even, heel to toe style equipped with ample heel, arch and overall foot protection in a pair of quality, well-fitting footwear.

Try to exercise, stretch, and be active when possible to keep yourself limber and healthy. Use the R.I.C.E. method (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) to help relieve any discomfort you are feeling from a busy day. Pay attention to your feet before they remind you that something is wrong. Actively look them over while bathing. Inspect the skin and joints and take note of any abnormalities or pain, especially if it lasts more than a day or two. Inspections are especially necessary for people with diabetes. If you think something is wrong, visit your foot specialist sooner rather than later. You could prevent a chronic condition and minimize your recovery time.

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